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Pool and Spa

International Fiber’s Alpha-Cel™ powdered cellulose fiber offers many advantages when used over other products in filtration systems as a filter aid. Foremost, Alpha-Cel™ is completely safe and non-toxic. Powdered cellulose is so safe that it has been approved by the U.S.F.D.A. for consumption in food products. In addition to fewer waste products versus other filter aids, Alpha-Cel™ filtering cycles generally last longer while maintaining an optimal flow rate through the filter system. A filter using Alpha-Cel™ will need to be changed only once whereas alternative filtration products may require up to three changes in the same time period. One reason for this is that Alpha-Cel™ absorbs body and tanning oils commonly found in pool and spa waters that clog filtration systems often. Alpha-Cel™ can be disposed of in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, incineration and natural decomposition. IFE powdered cellulose fibers are non-abrasive filter aids, thus resulting in longer life for the various mechanical parts of your filtration system. IFE fibers will improve filtration efficiency, water clarity, filtration cycles, and the over all performance of your filtration system when substituted as a filter aid.

Suggested Grades:

Alpha-Cel™ BH40
1 - 3%

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