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Processed Meat Products

Solka-Floc® powdered cellulose and JustFiber® vegetable fiber have the unique ability to absorb excess water, to control syneresis, to absorb fat or oil and to provide extra texture to meat products when needed.

The use of Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® in processed meat products will improve their stability during the production process, shelf life and the final consumption. They can also improve the texture or add some juiciness to some meat products. In some meat products the fibers can replace other expensive binders.

The Justfiber® products can also be used as a fiber source and can be declared as Food Fiber.

Functionality and Product Suggestions

Moisture and fat control

Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® are manufactured in a variety of particle sizes and densities, ranging from 15 to 400 microns. Depending on the product grade you select, varying results will be achieved.

To control moisture and fat in meat products, the longer fibers such as Solka-Floc® 900 FCC and Justfiber® BFC40 are used.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 900 FCC
300 FCC
2 - 3%
JustFiber® BFC 40
BF 40
WWF 40

Percentages based upon weight of total formulation.

Texture Uniformity

Solka-Floc® and Justfiber® have been shown to provide texture to meat products. As they are insoluble fibers they will maintain their structure through out the production process and the shelf life of the final product. Their fibrous texture is very close to the original meat texture which enables us to use more fiber without loosing the meaty texture as is encountered by the use of other binders.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 900 FCC
300 FCC
2 - 5%
JustFiber® BFC 40
BF 40
WWF 40

Fiber Source

To improve the fiber content of some meat products, the addition of short fibers will enable you to increase the level dramatically without changing the texture or mouth feel of the finished product. In some applications these short fibers can be also injected into the meat product.

Suggested Grades

SolkaFloc® 300 FCC 1 - 6%
JustFiber® BF 200
BF 300
WWF 200

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