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Packaging Options

International Fiber Europe has the resources and expertise available to assist our customers with the most efficient packaging options available in the industry today. Some of the packaging options available to our customers include:

Plastic Bags

Special food grade packaging, with paper like outside, anti-skid, anti-static and blue inside.

Multiwall Bags

Available with various degrees of moisture impermeability.

Pre-Weight Packaging

Available for selected grades to assist in dosage accuracy and ease of incorporation to formulations.

Bulk Packaging

Up to 450 kilograms of product can be packaged in specially designed supersacks. Bulk packaging eliminates handling of bags, reduces dust, and eliminates the disposal of bags.

Optimum packaging is critical for all of our customers. Allow our technical experts to optimize a solution to meet your individual plant requirements. Please give us a call for more information at +323-711-1636.

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